Auto accident attorney in Kentucky

As a victim of an auto accident, it is important that you are represented by someone who is experienced in this area. The law is so vast and complicated that it is impossible for an attorney to keep up with all the changes in the law unless he concentrates his practice in this area. When you retain Matt Troutman of the Kentucky Auto Accident Attorney, you will receive the personal attention of an attorney who has successfully represented auto accident victims for over 22 years.

When I represent you, you will receive the following:

Insurance analysis and maximization of insurance benefits.
Depending on the facts of your case, an auto accident involves property damage insurance, no-fault insurance (paying for medical bills, lost wages and other expenses), worker’s compensation insurance (if you were working at the time of your accident), short-term and long-term disability (wage replacement insurance), life insurance (if you represent the estate of someone who died in an auto accident), health insurance, uninsured motorist insurance (if your accident is caused by someone with no insurance) and underinsured motorist insurance (if your accident is caused by someone who has insurance but not enough to cover your claim).

Notification to all possible parties responsible for paying for your damages.

Many of the above-described insurance require certain specific notification in order to preserve your claim.

Accident investigation and proof development.

Depending on whether there is a dispute about who is responsible for causing your accident and whether the full extent of your injuries are related to the accident, much work may be needed including the retention of accident reconstruction experts, product liability experts, animation experts and medical experts. Matt Troutman can retain whatever expert is necessary to make your case the strongest it can be and he has done so in hundreds of cases.

Aggressive and persuasive settlement brochure presented in early attempt to settle case without litigation.

Once you reach your maximum medical improvement, Matt Troutman will collect your medical records, police photos, tax records and whatever documentation is necessary to present your claim in its strongest light and package these materials together in a settlement brochure that is presented to the insurance company in an aggressive attempt to settle your case prior to trial.

Aggressive and professional litigation to prosecute your claim in the quickest and most aggressive manner possible.

Not all claims can be settled without a lawsuit. Insurance companies are in the business of making money and many times they are not inclined to pay for a fair settlement. Frequently the “good hands” of an insurance company become a “tight fist” at settlement time. Your ultimate leverage against an insurance company to encourage them to pay a fair value for your claims is a trial before a jury of your peers. My ultimate leverage against an insurance company is my skill as an experienced trial attorney who knows how to prepare your case for trial so that the jury hears the most persuasive case possible.

"Matt is able to be more aggressive in his representation and he gets the best results possible.
I have a lot of trust because of the integrity that I know is there."

Germaine Bivin | Louisville, Kentucky

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