Large semi truck after colliding with blue car on highway

Truck Accident in Pikeville Kentucky Kills Two:

How to Avoid Accidents With Trucks

On January 9, 2023, two people were killed when they pulled into the path of a dump truck on state highway 194. They were attempting to cross the west bound lanes on highway 194 so they could head aast on 194. There is no explanation of why the driver of the SUV did not see the dump truck. Obviously, in this situation the driver of the SUV is responsible for causing this tragic accident and the estate of the passenger, who appears to be the driver’s son, can make a claim against the driver.

How to avoid accidents with Commercial Trucks? 

Obeying the fundamental safe driving rules such as keeping a lookout ahead and staying in your lane will help you avoid all accidents including accidents with commercial trucks. In the Pikeville accident, keeping a lookout in front of you appears to have not been followed. However, I believe there are some specific rules to follow to avoid accidents with big trucks. The first thing to realize is that big trucks cause death and serious injury when they are involved in an accident. Therefore, your level of concentration should be elevated when you are traveling near commercial trucks or in an area where you tend to find trucks. Certainly, Pikeville is an area where you see a lot of dump trucks and other commercial trucks.

One of the rules I follow, especially on the interstate, is to not travel behind a large truck. It completely blocks your view of the traffic ahead which takes away valuable reaction time if there is a hazard or problem up ahead. Another rule I follow is to simply stay away from trucks, if at all possible. I will adjust my speed to pass and get away from trucks because accidents involving trucks cause death and destruction. Another consideration with commercial vehicles is there need for space when turning and to make sure you give them that space. Finally, always be mindful on roads with four lanes of a truck attempting to change lanes. They have lots of mirrors, but they still have blind spots and as many distractions as other drivers and, therefore, you have to pay close attention to their movement to anticipate a lane change. Be ready to use your horn and to avoid being on their blind side. Whenever I am passing another vehicle and approaching their blind side, I am always looking at their position to see if they may be changing lanes or drifting.


The circumstances involved in the big truck accident in Pikeville, as described above, will require the services of an experienced Kentucky truck accident attorney to investigate and locate all available evidence to determine liability and to maximize all insurance benefits available to anyone injured or killed in this auto accident. Matthew Troutman, Kentucky truck accident lawyer, of the Troutman Law Office has been handling auto accident claims, almost exclusively, since 1986 and has the experience and talent to obtain the best result for the victims in the above car accident. It is very likely that the at fault driver will not have enough insurance to fully compensate the victim’s estate, and, therefore, it will be important for there to be underinsured motorist benefits available to the victim’s estate.

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