Will Making Claim Against Your Auto Insurance Make Your Insurance Rates Go Up?

As an auto accident attorney, it is my job to find all available insurance to make a claim against. Sometimes, when there is a car accident involving an uninsured driver or an underinsured driver, it is necessary for my client to make a claim against their own insurance or the insurance of a resident relative. In many instances the client is reluctant or unwilling to make the claim because they fear that making the claim will make their insurance rates go up.

In every instance, I tell the client that Kentucky has a law that says that if you are not at fault in the accident then the insurance company cannot raise your rates. Remarkably many times the client is still unwilling to make the claim. One of the most common instances where the client is unwilling to make the claim is where they would need to make a claim against the coverage of a close relative and they feat offending that relative. They are willing to forgo receiving $25,000.00 or more because of the possibility that their insurance rates will go up for them or their relative.

If you have been injured in an auto accident, you may have access to insurance on a vehicle owned by a relative that you are living with, but you may have to deal with them being upset that you are making such a claim. Their response is commonly- How can you make a claim against my insurance when it was not involved in the accident. It is almost like they feel you are stealing something from them and they are offended at the suggestion. This reaction is borne of ignorance and prevents many people from the compensation they need and deserve. 

If you need to make a claim against someone else’s insurance and they do not want you to make the claim, you can make the claim anyway. They cannot stop the claim. After the claim is over, they will see that their rates will not go up because of the claim and then maybe they will understand that their fear was not well founded.

If you need help with an auto accident claim, contact the Troutman Law Office and we will help you find all available insurance for your recovery. 

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