3 Ways to Avoid Accidents Related to Aggressive Driving


According to the American Automobile Association, a record-breaking 103 million people in the United States will travel for the year-end holidays. Although this is the perfect time to celebrate with distant family, it is not the safest time to be on the road.

Drunk-driving rates spike over the New Year’s holiday. Also, traffic congestion increases the risk of crashing. In an effort to shave a few minutes off their journey, many road-trippers drive aggressively – and other road users suffer the consequences.

A recent report by Kentucky’s WDRB warned that road rage is alarmingly common. In fact, one survey showed that nearly 80 percent of drivers have expressed significant anger or aggression behind the wheel in the past year. What’s more, up to 8 million drivers have allowed their frustration to boil over into dangerous behaviors such as confronting another driver or ramming another vehicle.

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How to Avoid Accidents Related to Aggressive Driving

Nobody likes sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic, but it’s important to remember that gridlock is often unavoidable – especially around the holidays. Agitation can affect a driver’s performance by causing him or her to speed, change lanes without signaling, and tailgate – all of which can contribute to accidents.

If you are prone to aggressive driving or if you are sharing the road with an aggressive motorist, which is likely to happen over the holidays, remember these three tips to avoid accidents:

  1. If a driver is tailgating you, then change lanes and let him or her pass;
  2. If you are prone to agitation behind the wheel, then listen to calming audiobooks or music while you are in congested traffic; and
  3. Try using mantras to help you relax. You can find 33 calming mantras at com.

8 Signs That You Are an Aggressive Driver

Many drivers are reluctant to admit that they are easily agitated behind the wheel. Here are eight signs that you are an aggressive driver:

  1. You change lanes without using your turn signals;
  2. You often refuse to give other drivers the right of way;
  3. You ignore road signs;
  4. You make illegal turns while agitated;
  5. You tailgate other drivers or honk to get them to speed up;
  6. You speed;
  7. You overtake vehicles recklessly; and
  8. You make physical gestures to communicate your frustration.

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