Motorcycle Accidents

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As a victim of a motorcycle accident, it is important that you are represented by a lawyer experienced in handling motorcycle accident claims. Fortunately, Mr. Troutman is just such a lawyer. When you work with Mr. Troutman, you not only receive the three benefits of representation listed below, which are specific to motorcycle accident cases — you also receive all of the benefits discussed on the car accidents page.

1. An Attorney Experienced With The Different Insurance Requirements For Motorcycles.

The Troutman Law Office knows that motorcycles are not required to maintain Kentucky no-fault insurance and that most people do not purchase underinsured motorist coverage on their motorcycles. Also, the Troutman Law Office is aware that a person’s automobile policy may provide some important insurance coverages that will help the victim in a motorcycle accident. This experience can help you receive the most for your injuries.

2. An Attorney Who Understands The Type Of Injuries Sustained In Motorcycle Accidents.

The Troutman Law Office has experience in recognizing the injuries that frequently occur in a motorcycle accident such as road rash and brain injuries. This helps you because your injuries can be explained and presented more persuasively to the insurance companies, who are paying your claims.

3. An Attorney Experienced In Handling Liability Issues That Are Particular To Motorcycle Accidents.

The Troutman Law Office has experience in proving liability in motorcycle accident cases and in employing accident reconstruction experts to assist in this matter. For example, we have experience locating the owner of a dog and proving liability against the owner of the dog who attacked a motorcyclist. This is an example of how unique and difficult some motorcycle accident cases can be and this experience will help you in your case.

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