If you or a loved one has been injured in a boating accident, you will need an experienced boat accident attorney to help you with your claim. Matt Troutman of the Troutman Law Office has been a Kentucky personal injury attorney since 1986 with offices in Louisville and Lexington. Mr. Troutman will handle your claim personally from start to finish and Mr. Troutman will meet you personally in your home or the hospital or wherever is convenient for you.

In a boating accident, is critical to gather evidence as quickly as possible so that fault can be proven. Therefore, it is important for you to contact boating accident attorney Matt Troutman as quickly as possible so that witnesses can be contacted and evidence gathered to make a quick and decisive determination regarding the cause of the accident. Unlike a motor vehicle accident, accident investigation by local authorities can be insufficient to resolve the liability issue. 95% of the time in a motor vehicle accident, the police report conclusively resolves the issue of fault, but such is not the case typically in a boating accident.


1. Wear a Life Jacket - Drowning is the number one killer in a boating accident and life jackets can help prevent drowning even if you are knoocked unconscious in an accident. Always wear a life jacket no matter what!

2. Do not drink Alcohol if you plan on Operating a Boat - Drinking and driving on a boat is more common than drinking and driving in an automobile. Impaired judgment and reaction time are killers on a boat. Employ a designated driver if alcohol is brought on the boat or consumed at some point on a boat trip. The lack of boat traffic, when compared to automobile traffic, fools us into believing that we do not have to be as mentally sharp when operating a boat and that kind of thinking will eventually catch up with you and the consequences could be devastating.

3. Make sure you have enough gas. Unlike a vehicle, there are not many places where you can refill your boat gas tank and, therefore, better planning must be used to monitor the gas levels. Running out of gas on the water can be a killer and put you into dangerous situations. If you run out of gas at night on the water you are virtually invisible to others on the water.

4. Do not smoke or have fire on a boat. Unlike a car, boats have a greater chance for fuel leaks and if there is a fuel leak and cigarettes or cigars are nearby, you can have an explosion and boat fire very easily that can cause permanent and fatal injuries. 

5. Check Battery Fluid Levels. Mechanical failure is a cause of boating accidents and one of the most common mechanical failures is caused by a defaulting battery, which can prevent the boat from starting and the boating equipment from operating properly. Check your battery cells regularly to make sure they are not flooded or dry.

6. Have a Safety Kit on Board. In the event you get stranded and lose your ability to communicate, your safety kit may be a life saver. You should have working flash lights and flares to mark your position.

7. Maintain a safe speed for the conditions. High rate of speed at night or in foggy conditions can lead to a disasterous boating accident. Visability should be an important factor in how fast you are travelling. The faster you travel the less reaction time you allow for when you encounter another boat, land mass or other object on the water.

8. Know the Weather Forecast. Being in a boat in severe weather can lead to drownings, capsizing and other boating accidents. In addition to knowing the weather forecast, you should monitor the sky for changes in the weather. Obviously, the water is not a good place to be when there are lightning strikes, high winds and severe weather.

9. Failing to Maintain a Look Out. It sounds silly to think that you would have to remind yourself to look where you are going. If you were driving an automobile, you would never drive your vehicle forward without looking forward. On the water, the scenery and the lack of traffic, traffic lanes and traffic lights tends to cause us to forget that we are propelling a vehicle in a certain direction and we better make sure we are looking that way.

10. Load your boat carefully. Often boat capsizing and other accidents are caused by just attempting to enter the boat and load the boat with gear. Make sure you have proper balance when entering the boat and avoid putting your weight on the edge of the boat or making sudden movements in any direction.


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