Defective Products

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How To Identify A Defective Product Claim As Described By A Defective Product Lawyer

A chair that collapses when a man attempts to sit in it causing a rotator cuff tear; a vehicle that has a spare tire located in the rear of the vehicle next to the gas tank resulting in a tank explosion in a normal rear end vehicle accident; a bag dispenser that detaches from a grocery store shelf when it is being used causing a hand injury requiring surgery; an airbag that explodes without any outside impact causing a broken arm. These are only a few examples of defective product claims. Any product that fails to work as intended or reasonably expected and as a result causes personal injury constitutes a defective product claim.

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If you have a defective product claim as described above, then you need the help of a defective product lawyer like Matt Troutman, of the Troutman Law Office. If you have been injured or lost a loved one as result of a defective product in or near Louisville Kentucky, you have legal rights and Mr. Troutman is a Louisville defective product lawyer that can help you recover compensation for your losses. In order to contact Mr. Troutman for your free case evaluation, you can complete the contact form on this website and submit it to Mr. Troutman or you can call him directly. Call today and win against the manufacturers of defective products