Ambulance that is badly damaged after a wreck

Ambulance Accident in Henderson Kentucky

Matthew Troutman Nov. 11, 2022

On November 10, 2022, at around 10;30 am local time, an auto accident occurred in Henderson, Kentucky on Highway 41 and Watson Lane. The accident resulted in the overturning of the ambulance, but, fortunately, there were no patients in the ambulance at the time and the EMS workers have reported no injuries.

What are the rules for Ambulance Driving in Kentucky

Most of us know that emergency vehicles are allowed to travel through intersections even though a red light or stop sign may be telling them to stop. However, Kentucky law does not allow for an emergency vehicle to just drive straight through an intersection without slowing down and only proceeding when the way is clear and with due regard for other traffic.

Kentucky law requires the non-ambulance drivers to observe the lights and sirens of the ambulance and yield to the ambulance. In today's world where many drivers wear air pods and headphones and that makes it difficult to hear the sirens. When there are accidents between ambulances and other drivers there can often be fault on both parties. I had a recent case that demonstrated this fact. The ambulance driver did not slow down as she approached a red light and the other driver did not hear the sirens or see the emergency lights as he proceeded through a green light. The body cams of the investigating police officers showed that at impact the ambulance was traveling at a significant rate of speed due to the distance between where the impact occurred and the ambulance came to a rest. There was a witness that established the driver of the other vehicle listening to music which may have prevented him from hearing the sirens.

Due to failure of the ambulance to slow down and make sure the intersection was clear and the failure of the other vehicle to hear the sirens and observe the emergency lights of the ambulance liability was split among the parties. In Kentucky, we have pure comparative negligence, which means that each driver bears the percentage of responsibility proportionate to the their percentage of liability for the cause of the accident. In the accident above, the ambulance driver bore 75% of the liability and the other driver 25%.

In light of our need to hear and see emergency vehicles, I am wondering if there will be a law in the future banning the use of air pods and headphones. If we are using air pods or headphones, we need to be more observant of emergency lights behind us and in front of us. There are certainly have been times when I am surprised by the emergency vehicle due to music playing or other distractions or just a closed window. Of course, the biggest protection we have in avoiding emergency vehicles is the judgement of the driver of the emergency vehicle. The emergency vehicle needs to make sure that the intersection is clear before entering it against a red light.

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