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Another ATV Accident Kills 19-year-old In McCreary County Kentucky

Matt Troutman April 10, 2023

At approximately 12:30 am on April 2, 2023 a 19-year-old man, Ivan Vanover of Whitley City, Kentucky died in a single-ATV accident on Jellico Road in McCreary County, Kentucky. Kentucky state police are investigating this accident, but there is no published explanation at this time how the accident occurred. There were many signs that would point to this type of accident happening. First, an ATV was being driven on a roadway, it was early in the morning and a young, inexperienced driver was aboard.

What are the Kentucky laws regarding the operation of an ATV?

In Kentucky, we have a statute – KRS 189.515 – that tells us the laws regarding the operation of all-terrain vehicles (ATV). The most obvious law is that ATVs, except under limited circumstances (cross a roadway, farm construction or snow removal), are not to be driven on a public highway or roadway. Unfortunately, this law is routinely broken as it was in the above-described accident. There are many reasons for this law. The ATVs are not made to go fast enough on the roadways and to handle the nature of the roadways.

A second law is that the ATVs are not to be driven on someone’s land without their permission. The reason for this law is to protect the owner of the land from liability from an ATV accident. ATVs are known to overturn and cause injuries on rural lands that are rough and inconsistent. ATVs cannot be used on public property unless the governmental agency responsible for the land has given approval for ATV usage.

There are age restrictions regarding the use of an ATV. A parent may not allow their child to operate an ATV if they are under the age of 6. A parent may not allow a child under the age of 16 to drive an ATV without direct parental supervision. The child under 16 must wear approved protective head gear. A child under 16 may not operate an ATV with a passenger. Any age restriction required by the manufacturer, must be honored.

If you want to die in an ATV accident do these things?

The tragic death of Ivan Vanover in the above accident has the hallmarks of how to die in an ATV accident. First, Mr. Vanover is driving at approximately 12:30 am. Lots of deaths in auto accidents occur late at night or early in the morning because the body is not at its peak performance at that time, and it is a time when partiers are trying to make their way back home with alcohol or drugs in their system.

If you want to avoid dying in an auto accident, it is wise to avoid driving late at night or early in the morning, make sure that you have your wits about you, do not allow yourself to be distracted by anything because death is on the line and wear your seatbelt. We are too casual when we get into an automobile, and we need to appreciate that our life is on the line and the lives of our passengers are on the line. I like the memorials we see on our roadways because they remind us of this fact. It tells us that someone died where we are driving, and we can be that person if we fail to use good common sense and appreciate the danger of what we are doing.

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