Auto Accident Attorney cannot guarantee all medical bills are paid at the end of auto accident claim.

Occasionally, a few months after the conclusion of an auto accident personal injury claim, I will receive a phone call from a client disappointed that they have received a bill in the mail related to their accident. This can happen for a variety of reasons and, unfortunately, an auto accident attorney cannot guarantee that all bills have been paid. First of all, the attorney is not aware of all the bills, because he or she only receives what the client gives them and the medical providers known from various sources. Additionally, there can be a significant delay for the client to receive a bill. Sometimes the medical provider takes a long time to submit the bill and then it can also take a significant time for a bill to be processed with a health insurance company. If the health insurance company does not pay the entire bill, the client will receive a bill for the amount not covered by their insurance.

At the end of an auto accident personal injury case, the auto accident attorney attempts to identify all the bills and make sure they are submitted to the auto insurance carrier or the health insurance carrier, but many times some bills are not identified. The personal injury client needs to understand this fact and realize they may have to deal with some bills that are floating around out there.

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