Auto Accident Victims- Tell Your Medical Providers that the MVA Caused Your Injuries

After you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, it is important that you report to your medical providers the history of your injuries to make sure that your medical records will reflect that the auto accident is the cause of your injuries. As an auto accident attorney, I present my client’s medical records to insurance companies as proof of the pain and suffering experienced by the client as a result of the accident. I have experienced claims where the medical records do not record that the car accident caused the injuries and that can prevent or minimize a client’s pain and suffering claim. Although the auto accident victim does not have total control over what a medical provider writes in their records, it is important that they emphasize to the provider that the auto accident is the cause of their injuries. 

Sometimes clients report to their medical providers that the auto accident caused their injuries, but the provider misunderstands a detail regarding the accident and that misunderstanding appears in the records and it hurts their claim. I have had medical providers indicate the auto accident occurred 5 years ago when the client said 5 months ago. I have had medical providers records indicate that no accident caused the injuries. In these cases, it may be necessary for the client to call the medical provider or schedule a new appointment to correct the inaccuracy in the record. 

Again, it is important for the auto accident victim, the motorcycle accident victim and the truck accident victim to tell each medical provider they go to that the cause of their injuries and the reason for their treatment is the accident. It is these medical records that will be read by and relied upon by the insurance companies in determining how much they will pay for their claim. 

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