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Bigger Is Not Better When It Comes to Selecting an Auto Accident Lawyer- Episode 1

Matthew Troutman Nov. 26, 2022

There is a certain law firm advertising in Kentucky, and originating from Florida, that boasts that because they are big, they are better. They compare an accident lawyer to leaf blowers and many other things where it makes sense to be bigger. But, they never show why bigger is better when it comes to a personal injury law firm.

I was recently contacted by a client who was a pedestrian walking out of a strip mall to her parked car in Middletown, Ky and she was struck by a pick-up truck who wasn’t paying attention to where he was driving as he waved to a friend. This client called Morgan Morgan and on the other line was someone from Florida who had a heavy accent that was hard to understand. The client became frustrated and hung up. She was then called back by someone she could understand and she was signed up as a client over the phone.

The accident happened on Saturday and on Monday the client had some questions about her accident and she called Morgan and Morgan and had to leave a message. She received no call back. Eventually, she called me and I agreed to represent her. She called Morgan and Morgan back and discharged them. Several days later, without any further communications, she received a letter from Morgan & Morgan discharging her and the letter implied that she was at fault or otherwise did not have a valid claim. The reality is the police report found the driver to be at fault and there was a videotape of the accident showing the driver to be clearly at fault. The client had a broken foot and other injuries as a result.

Bigger is not better. Bigger, when it comes to a personal injury law firm, frequently means poor communication and clumsiness in representing auto accident victims. This problem is inherent with not just Morgan and Morgan, but all of the heavy tv advertisers. Most of their clients are just numbers to be forgotten and most of the lawyers are very young with little experience to help their clients. One thing that is consistent among the heavy tv and billboard personal injury advertisers is that they charge a BIG fee. Everyone I have come across charges 40% of what they recover instead of the industry standard of 1/3. Again, bigger is not better.

If you need help with an auto accident claim in Louisville, Lexington, Covington or any town in Kentucky big or small, contact Matt Troutman of the Troutman Law Office at 502-648-9507 or click here and we will help you maximize your recovery and give you the personal attention you deserve.