Matthew B. Troutman May 18, 2022

There is a certain law firm advertising in Kentucky and originating from Florida that boasts that because they are big, they are better. They compare an accident lawyer to leaf blowers and many other things where it makes sense to be bigger. But, they never show why bigger is better when it comes to a personal injury law firm. I believe my experience as a personal injury lawyer in a small firm, a medium sized firm and a big firm gives me the background to answer the question of whether bigger is better when choosing an accident lawyer in Louisville, Lexington, Covington or any other city in Kentucky. Through over 35 years as an accident attorney, I can say emphatically that bigger law firms are not better for the accident victim.

Unlike the commercials, I will explain why bigger is not better. Bigger in the auto accident lawyer business, means less access to your lawyer (your lawyer is managing too many cases and you will likely speak with a paralegal who is not competent to give you legal advice), it means the attorney in charge of your case is likely to be younger and inexperienced, and it means more red tape. The most important thing for you is that you have a competent attorney, who you can easily communicate with during your claim and that is motivated and has the ability to obtain the best result possible.

Typically, big personal injury law firms that advertise have to use administrative and support staff for duties that should be performed by your lawyer. For instance, when you make your initial call to them, you may speak to an administrative non-lawyer they have trained to ask you certain questions. They will send out an administrative person to have you sign the documents needed for them to represent you and collect certain information from you, but they will not be able to answer your questions or give you any legal advice because they are not lawyers. Once your claim is set up in the office, paralegals(nonlawyers) are in charge of your file on a day-to-day basis. If you call your lawyer and are actually able to get through to him or her, they will have to look you up on their computer to know anything about your claim. When I worked at a large firm, I found it hard to be a competent lawyer for my clients when I had not met them, did not know them and had others doing the work on their claim. 

Finally, most big auto accident law firms charge a higher fee than most accident lawyers. The standard contingency fee for an auto, motorcycle or truck accident claim is 33 & 1/3%, but big firms commonly charge 40% and they charge you more if litigation is required to resolve your claim. I am sure they think their Bigger fees are better too, but an accident victim would certainly disagree.

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