Two black sedans on road after car accident

Boone County Accident Leaves Passenger with Life-Threatening Injuries

Matthew B. Troutman Oct. 5, 2022

For some reason the driver of a car stopped in the fast lane over a hill crest on I-75 in Boone County, Ky at around midnight on October 3rd, 2022. As a result, a passenger in the vehicle sustained life-threatening injuries when struck by a tractor trailer. I cannot understand what would have caused the person to stop his vehicle on the Interstate in the dark. I once had a case where an inexperienced driver stopped on an interstate when a police officer was arresting him for speeding and did not understand that he needed to pull off the interstate. Needless to say, stopping on the interstate is always a bad idea when there is no apparent hazard or construction ahead of you. 

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