Can You Find Liability Insurance for The At-Fault Driver if There Is No Insurance on The Vehicle They Are Driving? The Answer May Surprise You.

Normally, if someone is unfortunate enough to be involved in a car accident with a vehicle that does not have insurance, they have no recourse to make any type of claim for personal injury or property damage against the at fault driver and they can only make a claim if they have uninsured motorist coverage and comprehensive property damage coverage. However, if the at fault driver is not driving his or her vehicle at the time of the accident and owns a vehicle that is insured then the insurance from the vehicle not involved in the accident can provide liability insurance. The language of the insurance policy will determine if there is any liability insurance for the accident. Most liability insurance policies are written to cover the at fault driver for any damages caused by them “because of an auto accident.”

The biggest challenge in this situation is locating the insurance policy of the at fault driver when he or she is not driving their own vehicle. The police report will only contain the insurance information for the vehicle involved in the accident. The driver will have to be contacted to obtain the insurance information and if they fail to cooperate a lawsuit will have to be filed to obtain this information.

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