Centerline Accident in Northern Kentucky Causes the Loss of One Life

Matt Troutman May 23, 2023

The driver of a 1018 Toyota Corolla died after a crash on AA highway in Bracken County on Friday, May 19, 2023. According to Kentucky State Police, the Toyota crossed the centerline on AA highway and struck a red 2021 Ford Explorer. The Toyota driver died at the scene and the driver of the Ford was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The crash is still under investigation and there is no information on why the Toyota crossed the centerline.

Kentuckians entitled to one free copy of their medical records.

KRS 422.317 Copy of patient's medical record to be supplied on patient's written request -- Exception for Department of Corrections.

      (1) Upon a patient's written request, a hospital licensed under KRS Chapter 216B or a health care provider shall provide, without charge to the patient, a copy of the patient's medical record. A copying fee, not to exceed one dollar ($1) per page, may be charged by the health care provider for furnishing a second copy of the patient's medical record upon request either by the patient or the patient's attorney or the patient's authorized representative.

      (2) The Department of Corrections shall not be considered as a health care provider under this section; however, the department may make medical records of an individual inmate available to that individual inmate unless the department, through its designee, determines that the provision of the record is subject to the provisions of KRS 197.025.

This statute allows the auto accident attorney to collect the medical records of his or her client free thus saving the client expenses that have to be paid in other states. If you are injured in another state or receive medical treatment in another state, then the attorney may be required to pay for the medical records. This is certainly true for medical treatment in neighboring states – Ohio, Tennessee and Indiana.

Auto Accident Lawyers Contingency Fee must be in Writing as required by Kentucky Law.

If you are injured in a car accident, truck accident or motorcycle accident and you need the services of a personal injury attorney like the Troutman Law Office, Kentucky ethics rule 3.130(1.5) requires a written employment contract. This written agreement must state how the fee is determined and how expenses are paid.

All injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis in Kentucky, which means the accident attorney is not paid by the hour, but, instead is paid a percentage contingency fee when a recovery is made and the attorney is reimbursed any expenses. The contingency fee agreement allows auto accident, truck accident and motorcycle accident victims to afford an attorney without having to pay for the attorney’s services until there is a recovery


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