Denny’s Sign Falls on Vehicle Killing Two in Elizabethtown: What is considered an automobile accident under Kentucky law?

Matt Troutman May 11, 2023

On January 19, 2023, at approximately 1:30 pm, an auto accident occurred when a Denny’s restaurant sign fell on a vehicle in a parking spot next to the restaurant in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. The police determined that wind played a role in the falling of the large sign. Three people were in the vehicle and two of them died from their injuries. It seems clear to me that Denny’s will bear responsibility for this accident for not making sure their sign was secured to the poll it fell from.

Is the falling of the sign on a parked vehicle considered an auto accident under Kentucky Law?

KRS 304.39-020(6) defines “use of a motor vehicle” as “occupying, entering, alighting from” a vehicle but not ‘repairing or servicing” a vehicle on business premises or “loading or unloading” a vehicle. Based upon the terms of the statute, it would seem that the falling of a restaurant sign on a vehicle while people were sitting in the vehicle would constitute an auto accident under Kentucky law.

As you might imagine, there have been some unusual circumstances over the years where the Kentucky courts have had to determine if the circumstances constituted an auto accident. Here are some of the unusual circumstances where the courts determined the event was an auto accident:

Attaching a tow chain to a disabled vehicle.

Being struck by an object propelled by a lawn mower as the victim drove by in a vehicle.

Walking to a parked vehicle and being struck by rolling unattended vehicle after helping start disabled vehicle.

A drive by shooting if use of vehicle was integral part of the shooting.

Explosion in vehicle injures person entering vehicle where vapors were inside the vehicle.

Here are some of the unusual circumstances where the courts determined that the event was not an auto accident:

Standing in a trailer when accident happens.

Unfastening chain holding logs and a log rolls off and strikes the victim.

What is the importance of determining whether a particular event is an auto accident under Kentucky law? The importance lies in the insurance available to the victims. If the accident is considered an auto accident under Kentucky law, then the victims are entitled to Kentucky no-fault benefits, uninsured motorist benefits, underinsured motorist benefits and the other coverages we buy for our vehicles.

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