Does your auto accident attorney help you with your property damage claim?

 When you retain an attorney to represent you on a personal injury claim arising out of a car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident, your attorney is being paid to resolve your personal injury claim that includes damages for pain and suffering, lost wages and excess medical expenses. (For a complete discussion about all the damages you can claim in a personal injury claim, click here). The contract you have signed with the auto accident lawyer will, generally, not include representation regarding the damage to your vehicle. However, as a matter of common courtesy, car accident lawyers will assist the client if there is a problem resolving this claim without any additional charges to the client.


Problems faced by clients in resolving property damage claims include obtaining a fair price for the vehicle when it has been "totalled," paying storage and towing fees, obtaining a rental vehicle, and resolving loss of value and loss of use claims. Most of the time, the client can resolve these issues on their own, but sometimes they need the assistance of a lawyer. Some lawyers will not offer assistance on the property damage claim, but this is not the standard practice and the client should expect the lawyer to help with the property damage claim.


Personal injury attorneys will not represent car accident victims that only have a property damage claim due to the lack of money invloved in the claim. However, if someone is injured in a car accident, the attorney should be willing to help with the property damage claim and that is the practice in the Troutman Law Office. The personal injury attorney will be paid enough out of the personal injury portion of the claim that they should help with the property damage claim without any additonal charges.

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