Matt Troutman Aug. 10, 2016

Commercial truck drivers may be experienced behind the wheel, but all it takes is one mistake to cause a fatal accident. In 2014, 587 large truck occupants died in wrecks, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. That same year, 2,485 passenger vehicle occupants died in collisions with large trucks.photodune-425413-Fortunately, auto manufacturers are working hard to prevent these tragedies. If you intend to purchase a truck, make sure it has these five essential safety features:

  1. Electronic stability control;

  2. Seat belts;

  3. Airbags;

  4. Anti-lock braking system;

  5. And trailer sway control.

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Here is a brief overview of five CMV features that are saving lives:

  1. Electronic Stability Control

Electronic Stability Control can help drivers regain control of their vehicles if they start skidding. ESC uses sensors to identify the early stages of a skid. The system applies small amounts of pressure to the brakes in order to help the truck regain traction.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Electronic Stability Control can reduce the risk of rollover crashes.

     2. Seat Belts

Wearing a seat belt is still the most effective way to reduce the severity of injuries in the event of an accident. Seat belts can prevent a vehicle occupant from being ejected, which significantly increases the risk of dying. They also help truckers avoid collisions by putting them in an ideal position to react to unexpected hazards.

     3. Airbags

Driver and passenger airbags can prevent head injuries. Most modern trucks now have advanced side and front airbags that inflate at the moment of impact and prevent the head from hitting the dashboard, steering wheel or windows.

     4. Anti-Lock Braking System

ABS has been a common feature in sedans for many years, and it is now standard in most commercial trucks. Anti-lock braking systems prevent the wheels from locking up and help drivers avoid skidding.

Most ABSs feature wheel speed sensors, an electronic control unit and two hydraulic valves. If the system detects that a wheel is rotating slower than others – a condition that is conducive to wheel lock – then the valves reduce hydraulic pressure to slow down that wheel. Conversely, if a wheel is moving too fast, the system increases hydraulic pressure to speed up the affected wheel.

      5. Trailer Sway Control

A swaying trailer can cause a truck to roll over or to swerve off the road. Automatic trailer sway control can detect the early stages of sway and make automatic adjustments to straighten the vehicle and improve handling.

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