Large semi truck after colliding with blue car on highway

Fiery Truck Accident Leaves Truck Dangling From A Bridge Near Versailles, KY

Matthew Troutman Oct. 13, 2022

A single truck accident occurred on Bluegrass Parkway near Versailles, KY  around 7 am on October 11, 2022. The tractor trailer lost control and struck a bridge and the cab of the tractor caught fire and was dangling over the edge of the bridge with the Kentucky River below. Two people were in the truck and they managed to get out of the cab without falling into the river. They were taken to UK hospital with burns and minor injuries. There was no report yet on how the accident happened. It closed Bluegrass Parkway for several hours.

These circumstances will require the services of an experienced attorney to investigate and locate all available insurance and to maximize all benefits available to the passenger of the tractor trailer.

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