Florence Injury Attorney recognizes that client’s file belongs to client.

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Many injury attorneys believe that the file they maintain on behalf of their injury client belongs to them. They also may believe that the case belongs to them and, therefore, they fail to consult the client during many important aspects of the case, such as the amount to demand from the insurance company and the refusal or acceptance of offers made by the insurance company. Florence injury attorney Matt Troutman understands that the client’s file and the client’s case belong to the client and not the injury lawyer.  Therefore, when an  injury victim is represented  by the Troutman office, the client is consulted on the amount to demand to the insurance company and it is the client who makes decisions about accepting offers made by the insurance company. At the conclusion of the personal injury claim, the Troutman Law Office maintains a digital copy of the file and offers the paper copy to the client because, again, the file belongs to the client.

As an injury victim, you may choose to discharge your Florence injury attorney at anytime because it is your case.  If you find it necessary to discharge your injury attorney,  you are entitled to obtain a copy of your file maintained by your previous attorney.   Your Florence injury attorney may request that you pay for copying the file, but he may not refuse giving it to you even if you do not pay the copying charges. If you need to discharge your injury attorney, he or she may assert a lien against your case for his or her fee, but you will not be required to pay more fees by hiring a different lawyer. You will pay one fee and the two lawyers will work out between themselves what percentage of the fee each will collect.

Contact Florence Injury Attorney Matt Troutman

If you need to discharge your Florence injury attorney or need an attorney on a new case, contact Matt Troutman of the Troutman Law Office and he will help you win against the insurance companies. You can call Matt directly or by email at troutlaw3550@gmail.com.

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