Follow-Up Medical Treatment after an Auto Accident is Important!

You have been injured in an auto accident and you went to the hospital and they took x-rays and found no broken bones, but you are still having pain. What is your next step? Many people just stop their medical treatment at this point even though they are hurting weeks or even months after the accident. There are many reasons people stop their medical treatment even though their symptoms continue and they include not understanding that their auto insurance provides money to pay for the medical treatment, the inconvenience of medical treatment or their dislike for the healthcare system. Whatever their reason, I can tell you as an auto accident attorney for over 35 years that their failure to seek follow up treatment kills their claim for pain and suffering.

When an insurance company is evaluating a personal injury claim due to a car accident, they are considering the nature of the injuries, the length of medical treatment and effects from the injury. If a car wreck victim goes to the hospital and seeks no further treatment, the insurance company assumes that the pain and suffering ends when the treatment ends. Telling them that your pain continues when there is no medical documentation of this pain falls on deaf ears. It is better for your long-term health and better for your claim if you seek follow up medical treatment after an auto accident. If you just go to the hospital, the insurance company is most likely only going to offer a few thousand dollars, but if you obtain the needed follow up treatment your claim value will increase dramatically.

If you have recovered from your auto accident injuries and do not have any more symptoms, then that is the time to stop your medical treatment. At no time should you seek medical treatment to fraudulently build up a personal injury claim, but remember that medical treatment is the best way to document the pain and suffering you are experiencing.

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