How to Discover the Auto Insurance Information on Another Driver

If you are involved in a car accident and the other driver does not provide their insurance information to you at the scene of your accident and the police report does not have this information, how do you find out if they have insurance? In Kentucky, the police report will provide the name of the auto insurance company for all drivers on the police report along with the auto policy number. Many times the driver cannot find or produce their insurance card at the scene of the accident, which prevents the police officer from putting the auto insurance information on the police report. Sometimes this means the driver does not have insurance, but many times it means they simply did not keep their insurance card in their vehicle as required by law. There are other instances when the driver has an insurance card, but it is an old one for an insurance company that no longer covers them and the old insurance information is recorded on the police report. How do you find the correct insurance information?

There are two ways to find out the insurance information for another driver in an auto accident if that information is not available on the police report or provided at the scene of the accident. The first way is to contact your insurance company and ask them to research the other vehicle. You will need to provide the license tag number for the vehicle and/or the VIN number. If you have a police report, this information should be included. The second way to find this information is to contact the county clerk in any county in Kentucky and provide the license tag number and they can tell you the name of the insurance company and the policy number.

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