How to Die in An Auto Accident

Matt Troutman Aug. 30, 2023

Approximately 700 people die in Kentucky auto accidents on a yearly basis. Many of the accident have similar characteristics. What are the hallmarks of dying in an auto accident? First, drive late at night or early in the morning because the body is not at its peak performance at that time and it is a time when partiers are trying to make their way back home with alcohol or drugs in their system. Secondly, don’t wear a seatbelt. Although it is not certain that you will survive an auto accident if you wear your seatbelt, the odds are greatly in your favor if you do. I have seen a few accidents in my 36 years of representing auto accident victims, where someone is ejected from their vehicle and they survived, but, statistically, you are more likely to survive an accident if you are wearing your seatbelt. Thirdly, allowing yourself to be distracted by a cell phone or something else is a common way for people to have a single-car accident and die as a result. Fourthly, a hallmark for dying in an auto accident is leaving the roadway and striking a tree or other fixed object.

If you want to avoid dying in an auto accident, it is wise to avoid driving late at night or early in the morning, make sure that you have your wits about you, do not allow yourself to be distracted by anything because death is on the line and wear your seatbelt. We are too casual when we get into an automobile and we need to appreciate that our life is on the line and the lives of our passengers are on the line. I like the memorials we see next to our roadways, because they remind us that death is on the line. It tells us that someone died where we are now driving and we can be that person if we fail to use good common sense and appreciate the danger of what we are doing.

Drive to Survive and Not to Obey the Laws!

If you want to have the best chance of not being injured or killed in an auto accident during your lifetime, it would be helpful to change your perspective from obeying the traffic laws to driving to avoid contact with other vehicles. If you have a green light, you have the right to drive through the intersection and you will go through the intersection without a concern for running into another vehicle. However, the reality is that cars drive through red lights and stop signs all the time. It would be better to approach the intersection looking for vehicles traveling in the lanes that have the red light to make sure they are slowing down. You are not required by law to do this, but it may save your life. If you approach a train track and the train lights and bar have not been activated, you should still look down the track to make sure a train is not coming before you cross the railroad track.

Change your mindset when driving from just obeying the traffic laws to avoiding contact with other vehicles. On a highway, look for drifting vehicles and don’t assume people will stay in their lane. As you pass someone at a stop sign, look to see if they are looking at you and their vehicle is not edging forward. Many times I have avoided potential accidents when I was able to honk my horn at a vehicle on the verge of failing to yield the right of way. We need to be looking to avoid accidents and not just following the letter of the law. Being right and being dead or injured is not the result anyone should want.

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