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Icy Weather leads to Multiple Accidents in Louisville, Kentucky

On February 1, 2023, multiple car accidents occurred in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky. The roads received ice the day before and the cold weather kept that ice around in several locations in Louisville. Louisville traffic officials said that the biggest car accidents were on Interstate 264 (The Watterson Expressway) and I-265 (The Gene Snyder Expressway). Six vehicles were involved in the car crash on the Gene Snyder and they expected the roadway to be shut down for several hours. The accident on the Watterson involved at least 4 vehicles and people were injured. Two lanes of the Watterson were blocked.

How to Avoid Accidents in Inclement Weather

The first thing you can do is stay at home. Before you make that decision, try to learn as much about the condition of the roadways. I always start by observing the traffic in front of my house and the condition of my driveway. Road conditions can also be learned through an internet search or conversations with friends and family who have made their way out onto the roadways. Once you have learned as much as you can, you need to determine if the reason for your trip today can be delayed or rescheduled. Will the conditions of the roadway change when the temperature warms throughout the day.

If you absolutely have to go out, then you need to prepare yourself for a different driving experience than normal. You need to drive slower, especially on turns, and allow for more stopping distance with the vehicle in front of you. Make sure to remove all ice and snow or anything that will restrict your view out any window of your vehicle. It is hard to keep a proper lookout, as required by Kentucky law, if your view outside your vehicle is compromised. You need to make sure that you have sufficient clothing in the event you become stranded on the roadway. It is important that you understand the capability of your vehicle to handle the adverse conditions. If your vehicle is a rear-wheel drive vehicle, then driving in slick conditions will be more risky. If your car has old slick tires, then driving on icy or wet roads should be avoided. Remember that a lack of tread depth on your tire prevents your tires from properly displacing water which leads to hydroplaning. Hydroplaning is like hitting an ice patch where you have very little control of your vehicle.

If you have small children in your vehicle, you need to be very cautious about driving in inclement weather because they have a more difficult time surviving cold weather if you are stranded. If your car lacks proper maintenance, then traveling in inclement weather is dangerous. Driving with the red check engine light on is not recommended if you can be stranded in bad weather. Stay away from muddy areas or rivers and lakes.

If you venture out onto the roadways during inclement weather, remember that you are still responsible for not running into other vehicles and violating any rules of the roadway. You will not be able to blame the weather if you slid though a stop sign and strike another vehicle. If you are on the roadways, you are required to proceed safely regardless of the conditions. If you are in an accident and someone attempts to blame the weather, remember that, generally, speaking, that attempt to escape liability will fail.

Kentucky is a no-fault state, but that does not mean no one is at fault in the accident. It means that you have $10,000.00 worth of insurance for medical bills and lost wages if you are in an auto accident and even if you are at fault. I have had many clients tell me that the police even told them that no one was at fault because Kentucky is a no-fault state. That simply is not the case.

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