Lexington Accident Lawyer discovers new way for an Insurance company to reduce the amount of your coverage- it is called the “Driver-Step-Down” Provision.

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Driver Step Down Reduction in Insurance Coverage explained by Lexington Accident Lawyer.

Shelter Insurance attempted to reduce the amount of liability insurance available to its insured when the insured allowed someone else to drive his car. Although the declarations page for his car insurance showed that he had $50,000.00 in liability coverage, Shelter had amended the policy to include a “driver-step-down” provision, which reduced the liability coverage to the state minimum required coverage of $25,000.00. Fortunately, the Kentucky courts found that Shelter had improperly amended the policy so that the amendment was not upheld and Shelter was required to pay $50,000.00. The Court found that the notice did not explain the reduction in coverage and that the reduction in coverage was not indicated on the declarations page and this constituted inadequate notice of the policy change.

It would be wise for all of us to review our policies to make sure that a “driver-step-down” provision is not included and if one is included then it would be wise to find a different insurance company to protect us. The “driver-step-down”provision is another attempt by an insurance company to reduce their amount of coverage and it is a good example of why you need an experienced Lexington Accident Lawyer when you are injured in a motor vehicle accident.

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