Lexington Car Injury Lawyer explains Kentucky’s seatbelt requirements.

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Lexington Car Injury Lawyer

Kentucky statute 189.125 requires every operator of a car or truck to use a seatbelt, but this requirement does not apply to motorcycles, farm equipment and buses. If you are transporting a child in your automobile or truck and that child is under 40 inches tall, they must be secured in a child seat. If the child is under 50 inches, they must be secured in a booster seat.

As a Lexington Car Injury Lawyer since 1986, I know that if you are injured in a car accident, truck accident or motorcycle accident and expert proof is presented that you would not have incurred your injuries had you been wearing a seatbelt, a jury has the right to not award you damages. This is called the seatbelt defense. Interestingly, Kentucky statute 189.125 prevents the use of the seatbelt defense if a child is not secured in a child seat or booster seat as described above.

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