Lexington Injury Lawyer helps you understand if LAWSUIT will be necessary to resolve your injury claim.

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Lexington Injury Lawyer

Lexington Injury Lawyer will do everything necessary to settle your case without litigation

The Troutman Law Office will do everything possible to settle your case for the most amount of money as quickly as possible, but sometimes it is not possible to do so without filing a lawsuit against the responsible party. The reason is that it takes two parties to reach an agreement and the insurance company may not agree with your claim. It may require the proving of your claim through the litigation process.

Lexington Injury Lawyer will litigate your case to obtain the best result

You may wonder how the litigation process would help resolve the claim. The reasons are several. Prior to litigation, the insurance company will not likely have an opportunity to meet you to understand your effectiveness as a witness. Also, your treating medical doctors will testify and their testimony is not always reflected in the medical records, which is what the insurance company must use prior to litigation. Thirdly, sometimes the insurance company will need its own attorney to educate it about your claim. It is easy for an adjuster to become biased in his or her view of cases and sometimes their attorney is needed to reinforce your view of the case.

There are certain types of cases that insurance companies like to litigate and, thus, they tend to offer very little to settle prior to litigation. These cases include the following:

  1. Low impact cases (accidents where there is minimal property damage to the vehicles).
  2. Soft tissue cases (accidents where the claimed injury is a muscle-type injury, such as whiplash).
  3. Chiropractor treatment cases (accidents where the primary treating doctor is a chiropractor).
  4. Subjective complaint cases (accidents where the claimed injury is not verifiable by a diagnostic device or other test).
  5. Previous history cases (accidents where the victim had a previous history of an injury to the same part of the body).
  6. Failure to reveal Previous History cases (accidents where the victim claims the accident as the only cause of the injury and he or she is found to have a previous history).
  7. Disputed liability cases (accidents where there is a dispute regarding the cause of the accident), and 8. Other explanation for your injury cases (accidents where the injury complained of could have been caused by another event).

Contact Lexington Injury Lawyer Matt Troutman

If your case does not fit into one of the above categories, you have a much better chance to resolve your case without a lawsuit. Either way, Matt Troutman of the Troutman Law Office can help maximize your recovery. Contact Matthew Troutman at the Troutman Law Office for your free case evaluation directly or by clicking  here and filling out the free evaluation form.

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