Lexington Truck Accident Attorney explains what the different color lights on a traffic signal mean including whether you can enter an intersection on a yellow light?

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Lexington Truck Accident Attorney 

As a Lexington Truck Accident Attorney, it is important for me to know the basic laws of the roadway. Below, I review the different colors of a traffic light. Perhaps you think this review is too basic to justify review. If so, can you answer this question – is it illegal to enter an intersection on a yellow light? Or, is it illegal to be in an intersection when the light is red? The answer to both is “NO.” Review these basis laws below.


The three main colors that guide traffic are: RED means stop YELLOW means WARNING GREEN means GO, if safe

RED: A red light means “stop” behind a crosswalk or stop line until the green light appears. You may turn right after stopping if there is no approaching traffic, unless a sign is posted prohibiting such right turns. Even though the light is red, a turn is permitted from a one-way street into the nearest lane of another one-way street running in the direction of that turn.

YELLOW: A yellow light means the traffic signal is about to turn red. Stop if you can do so safely. A vehicle may clear an intersection on a red light, if the vehicle entered the intersection while the signal was yellow; but it is against the law to enter an intersection after the light turns red.

GREEN: If the way is clear, after yielding the right-of-way to other vehicles and pedestrians lawfully within

the intersection, you may go straight or turn left or right, unless such turns are prohibited. Left turns on green must yield to through traffic coming from the opposite direction.

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