Louisville Car wreck attorney warns about pitfalls of hiring attorneys who advertise on TV or billboards.

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Louisville Car Wreck Attorney

The heavy advertising Louisville car wreck attorneys have certain qualities in common that are not beneficial to the car wreck victim. First, they tend to charge higher fees in order to pay for their advertising. Many heavy advertisers charge 35% to 40% when the standard contingency fee in an car wreck case is 33 & 1/3%.

A second characteristic common to most heavy advertisers is they tend to settle their clients claims too cheaply! They handle a high number of cases and they need to turn the cases over quickly to keep up with the high volume. Many heavy advertisers tell you they will work to keep you out of court. But, the truth is they do not go to court and they are settling your claim too cheaply.

Thirdly, if they are unable to settle your case, the heavy advertisers commonly will refer your case out to another law firm to handle the litigation. The heavy advertisers are motivated to give into the lower value placed on a claim by the insurance company. Instead of fighting for the true value of the case, they are motivated to settle it cheaply and avoid having to split their fee with another law firm who would litigate the case. It is never good for a car wreck victim’s attorney to be motivated to settle their client’s case for less. The Louisville car wreck attorneys that will obtain the best result for the victim of a car wreck are the experienced litigators that the insurance companies fear. If the insurance company knows that you are willing to take the case before a jury and that you are skilled in obtaining good verdicts, then they will pay higher settlements. Insurance companies love to see the heavy advertizers on the other side of a claim, because they know he or she is motivated to settle that case for less.

Fourthly, the person you see on television or a billboard is not the person who will represent you and you are likely to have limited access to any attorney. In fact, you may never actually meet an attorney until, perhaps, the end of your case. They will send a “sign-up” person to your home, who is not a lawyer who can answer your questions, and then you will communicate mostly with a paralegal or secretary during your entire case. This lack of communication with a Louisville car wreck attorney will be a frustrating experience for you and will lead to mistrust and an overall bad experience.

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