Louisville Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney discusses why you lose some Privacy when you make a claim.

 As a Louisville motor vehicle accident attorney since 1986, I have represented many accident victims and frequently they are surprised when they have to file a lawsuit that they lose some privacy. It is important for any victim of a motor vehicle accident to understand that when they file a lawsuit, they will lose some privacy and have to disclose some information that they may not be comfortable disclosing.

First, the insurance company can obtain all of the medical records. The law provides that if you are going to make a claim for personal injury, that the insurance companies may obtain all of your medical records to see if there are other causes of your symptoms. If you have sensitive information in your medical records that is clearly not related to your motor vehicle accident injuries, you can seek protection from the Court to keep these records private. Also, it is important to understand that not all records discovered are admissible into evidence at the trial. The rules allowing evidence are more restrictive than the rules allowing discovery of information.

If your  motor vehicle accident claim involves the loss of income, then you will have to release employment records and tax returns in order to prove your lost income and the insurance company can request your past records to determine the value of your lost income claim.

Finally, during litigation the attorney for the insurance company will be allowed to take your deposition, which is a formal statement. During the deposition, the attorney may ask you questions about your marital history, family history, employment history and criminal background.

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Louisville Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

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