Michigan Woman Killed in Madison County Auto Accident

On February 17, 2023, a 70-year-old woman from Michigan was killed in an auto accident in Richmond Kentucky. The accident occurred on Interstate Drive in Richmond, Madison County, Kentucky when a Dodge Ram pickup truck t-boned the vehicle occupied by the Michigan woman. The pickup was attempting to turn into a gas station. The Michigan woman was transported to a local hospital where she died from her injuries in the accident.

How to obtain a copy of the police report if you are in an auto accident in Kentucky?

If you are injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident due to the negligence of another, you will need to get a hold of the police report after your accident. Most police departments in the state of Kentucky load their reports onto a website called “buycrash” with the URL of With a credit card, you can pay $10.00 and have your report within a week, normally. You will need to know the date of your accident, the name of the police department who investigated your accident, the name of one of the drivers and the accident report number. Normally, the investigating police officer will give you the accident report number at the scene of the accident. However, there are circumstances when this is not accomplished. Normally, the police only give the report number to the driver and, therefore, passengers may not have this information. If the driver is taken from the scene in an ambulance, there may be no opportunity for the officer to give you the report number. If you do not have the report number, you will need to call the police department and get it before you can obtain the report. If you cannot obtain the report number, you can enter the driver’s license number and that will work sometimes.

Some of the smaller police departments do not load their reports on to and you must either go to the police department to pick up the report or mail in a small amount of money and make an open records request for the report. Some police departments have their own online portal where you can complete an open records request to obtain the report.

If you hire an auto accident attorney soon after your accident, you can have the attorney obtain your report. Another source of the report can be your insurance company. They will obtain a copy of the report and would gladly share a copy with you if you will request it.

How to read a Kentucky Traffic Accident Report

The basic Kentucky police report has 4 pages. The first page has information concerning the location of the accident, the second page is the narrative where the police officer describes how the accident occurred and what the parties and witnesses said along with anything else they want to record. The third and fourth pages of the report are information on the two vehicles involved in the accident. The most important information on these pages are the insurance information and the determination of fault under the category of “human factors.” Normally, page 3 has information on Unit 1 and Unit 1 normally is the at-fault vehicle.. Page 4 will have the information for the second vehicle and it is normally the vehicle that did not cause the accident. If there are more than 2 vehicles involved in the accident, then there will be additional pages to the report for each additional vehicle. Finally, if there are any independent witnesses, many officers will add a page to the report recording the contact information for the witnesses.

Each report contains information that cannot be understood without a code sheet. When you obtain a police report online, they do not give you a code sheet. Click here for the code sheet.

Why you need your police report

There are many reasons that you need to obtain a copy of your police report after a car, truck or motorcycle accident. One of the most important reasons is to obtain the insurance information on the other vehicle in order to make your claims for property damage and personal injury. The second most important reason is the determination of fault in the accident. Although police officers do not always assess liability correctly in their reports, most of the time they are correct and the insurance companies will rely on their determinations.


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