Matt Troutman Oct. 28, 2016

photodune-2438782A 67-year-old man who died after driving his motorcycle into the back of a car in Louisville has been identified as David McDowell, according to the Lexington Herald Leader.

Police say when traffic in front of McDowell slowed unexpectedly, he was unable to brake in time and ran headlong into the rear of a stopped car. McDowell had been driving alongside another motorcyclist at the time, who managed to swerve into the emergency lane and avoid crashing.

More than 4,500 motorcycle drivers are killed in accidents in the United States every year, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – and 88,000 people sustain injuries.

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Motorcycles are capable of great speeds and nimble maneuvers, which makes them both fun to ride and convenient for anyone who wants to skirt traffic. Unfortunately, these characteristics can also make them very dangerous.

Some common factors in motorcycle crashes include:

  1. Head-On Collisions

    • NHTSA data shows that 74 percent of motorcycle accidents in 2013 were frontal collisions. The reason? Motorcycles are capable of quick acceleration, and drivers can lose control of their bikes when travelling too fast.

  2. Blind Spots

    • Passenger car drivers should keep an eye out for vehicles passing them from the side – but even if they do, they can easily miss a relatively small, very quick motorcycle.

  3. Lane Splitting

    • When riding a motorcycle, it is tempting to straddle lanes in order to bypass gridlocked traffic. This practice, however, is highly dangerous because drivers may switch lanes suddenly, without warning.

  4. Road Hazards

    • The nature of a motorcycle’s body leaves its driver more exposed than he or she would be if operating a car – and without the protective body of a passenger vehicle, even a slow speed crash with a road hazard can throw a rider to the pavement.

  5. Drunk Driving

    • Alcohol use is not limited to drivers of motorcycles, but its effects are perhaps more serious. To navigate a speedy vehicle on two wheels, a driver must be concentrating on the task at hand. Driving while intoxicated can hinder coordination, impair decision-making, and ultimately, lead to an accident.

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