Multiple Car Accidents - Unraveling the Confusion

In over 35 years as an auto accident attorney, I have had clients involved in multiple auto accidents within a close proximity of time. In other words, they are in a second car accident before they have finished recovering from the first car accident. Now they have two claims that overlap each other and they wonder how can these claims be separated so that the personal injury claims can be resolved. The good news is that they can be resolved though the process can be messy and may require litigation depending on how the insurance companies react to the confusion.

Sometimes,the two car accidents involve completely different injuries and in that case, it is quite simple to separate the claims. The confusion normally arrives when both accidents involve injuries to the same part of the body. Normally, this will involve a back or neck injury. The client is usually being treated with physical therapy or chiropractic treatments and in this situation, the medical provider normally switches the insurance for the second claim immediately after the second accident. The attorney will then provide all the records for both accidents and let the insurance companies determine the values considering all circumstances. Normally, these claims can be resolved without litigation, but there are times when one insurance company will blame everything on one accident and then we have a dispute that is nearly impossible to resolve. I have even had a case where the liability insurance company was the same company on both car accidents and they played the blaming game and forced litigation. Ultimately, they had to come to terms with the different claims and resolve them.

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