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Nicholasville Kentucky Auto Accident Seriously Injures One person

Matthew Troutman Dec. 3, 2022

Nicholasville Police are investigating the cause of an auto accident on Thursday, December 1, 2022 at the intersection of Nicholasville Bypass and Shun Pike. One person was taken to the hospital with serious injuries and there may have been others injured. The streets involved were shut down for a couple of hours to allow for the car accident investigation.

How does the car accident lawyer properly investigate a car accident?

The normal car, truck or motorcycle accident would require the collection of the police report and police photographs if they were taken. It may require going to the accident scene and taking photographs. If there were no photographs taken by the police, it is necessary to take photos of the damage to the vehicle to demonstrate the severity of the impact.Sometimes, it is important to obtain the body cam video footage if there is a significant liability issue.

I had a recent case where there was a significant liability dispute when my client went through an intersection and was struck by an ambulance going through a red light. I requested the body camera videos and after reviewing about six videos, a few facts recorded in the police report were found to be inaccurate. Also, there were many comments from the investigating police that helped my client's position on the liability issue. The police expressed their opinion regarding the speed of the ambulance that was not reflected on the police report. The report indicated that a witness said that my client was playing loud music at the time of the accident which would have prevented him from hearing the emergency sounds from the ambulance. The body cam showed that the witness did not say his music was loud. This fact was significant in convincing the opposing insurance company of our view of the liability issue.

If you do have a liability issue in a Kentucky auto accident, remember that Kentucky has pure comparative negligence. This means that each person is responsible for the percentage of fault attributable to them. In most car accident, the fault is with one person and it liability is not being shared, but in some accidents there is shared liability. For instance , in the example given above, an ambulance driver drove through a red light without slowing to make sure a vehicle was not entering the intersection and the vehicle entering the intersection did not see the ambulance when it was using emergency lights and emergency sirens. This was an auto accident where both parties bore some responsibility for the accident. Had the driver of the auto been listening or looking properly he should have seen the ambulance and not entered the intersection. On the other hand, the ambulance driver should always slow down and make sure an intersection is clear before entering it when there is a red light.

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