Is a Personal Injury Claim Worth Making if You only Receive Day of Accident Treatment?

Sometimes people injured in a motor vehicle accident go to the hospital with car accident injuries, but do not seek any follow-up treatment for their injuries. The reasons for this are several. Some clients just choose to suffer on their own without any physical therapy or medications to assist in their recovery. Other clients do not have any lingering symptoms and do not need any more medical treatment. Others do not understand they have insurance to pay for the follow-up treatment. In today’s world, there are clients who do not seek follow-up treatment because of Covid 19 concerns.

One thing is certain, if you fail to document your auto accident injuries with treatment, you will receive less than the true value of your claim. Insurance companies do not pay for undocumented suffering. They are not going to accept your word on the issue, but they want verification from a medical provider. Unless the car accident injury is severe, claims involving just day of accident treatment are not worth much and probably not worth hiring a lawyer to present the claim. It certainly would be smart to call an auto accident lawyer and tell them your situation to figure out if representation would benefit you.

If you need help with an auto accident claim, contact the Troutman Law Office and we will provide a free consultation to help you figure out what is the best solution for your problem.

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