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Single Car Accident in Franklin, Kentucky Causes Fire and Deaths

In Franklin, Kentucky on Tuesday, March 7, 2023, a single vehicle accident occurred at approximately at 5:11 a.m. The Simpson County Sheriff’s office is reporting that the collision took place at 250 Round Pond Church Road in Franklin. The vehicle traveled off the roadway and struck a tree and, at some point, a fire resulted. By the time the police arrived the fire was out and the bodies of the multiple victims were unrecognizable. This accident has several hallmarks of a deadly accident. It occurred early in the morning when people are driving and are not functioning at peak capacity. It was a single car accident indicating significant distraction of the driver and the driver drove into a tree. All of these factors lead to death on the roadways.

How to obtain your police report if you have been in a car, truck or motorcycle accident in Kentucky?

If you have been in a car, truck or motorcycle accident and the police investigated your accident, you will need to obtain a copy of your police report in order to make an insurance claim related to the accident. You can ask your insurance company to obtain the report for you and share a copy, you can ask your attorney to obtain the report for you or you can obtain the report on your own. All police departments in Kentucky will allow you to come to their office to obtain a copy of your report when it is ready. There will be a small charge for the report.

In today’s digital world, you can obtain a copy of your report online for most police departments in Kentucky. You simply need to go to the website of and provide the required information. You will need to be able to pay the $10.00 fee online with a credit card or debit card. The information needed to obtain the report online is the last name of one of the drivers in the accident, the name of the police department that investigated the accident, the date of the accident and the police report number.

If you do not have some of the required information, you can call the police department that investigated the accident and ask them for the information. If you are not sure of the police department, you will need to contact the city police where the accident happened and if they did not investigate the accident, you will need to check with the county Sheriff’s department and/or the state police. Most police departments will hand you a card at the accident site that gives you the police report number and their information, but many times this is not provided.

Always request a Police Report or obtain statement from driver admitting fault and providing insurance information.

Recently, I had a client call me and tell me about how she had been injured in an auto accident and when I asked her if there was a police report, she said no. Then I asked her if she exchanged information with the driver and she again said no. The traffic was heavy, at the time of the accident, and she wanted to get out of the traffic. Unfortunately, this decision prevented her from making a claim. Calling the police is inconvenient, but necessary if you want the other party to pay for your property damage and personal injuries.

If you do not have time to call the police, then, at the very least take a picture of the insurance card for the at fault driver and a picture of their license tag. Also, take a video of them admitting fault in the accident and showing the damage to your vehicle. A police report is always better, but a video and pictures of the insurance card and license tag should prevent them from escaping responsibility for your accident.

Possession of an Insurance Card is no guarantee of Insurance!

Many drivers have insurance cards in their vehicles, but do not actually have insurance. If you buy insurance for your car, truck or motorcycle and pay the first premium and then stop paying, then you will have an insurance card but no insurance. Protect yourself from uninsured drivers by purchasing uninsured motorist coverage, which will help protect you for personal injuries caused by the uninsured motorist. You can also protect yourself from property damage caused by an uninsured motorist by purchasing collision coverage.


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