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Snow-Related Accidents in Whitley County Kentucky-How to Determine Fault in Inclement Weather?

Matthew Troutman Dec. 28, 2022

One of the most challenging weather conditions for safe driving is ice and snow. Even if you have an all-wheel drive vehicle or a heavy tractor-trailer, ice and snow can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. This happened on December 23, 2022 in Whitley County Kentucky resulting in temporary closure of the interstate. A tractor-trailer slid off the interstate and was blocking both lanes of I-75. Other vehicles lost control due to ice on the roadway between mile marker 5 and 10 on I-75. This also happened on I-71 on December 23 resulting in the shutdown of I-71 North near mile marker 63. On December 26, 2022, I-24 in Livingston County was closed due to a multi-vehicle crash in the snow.

How to Reduce the Chances of Snow and Ice-Related Car Crashes in Kentucky

The first decision you can make is whether you truly need to be on the roadway. The more extreme the weather the more consideration you should make about being on the roadway. Check the weather and see when road conditions should clear to allow you to make the trip. You may need to avoid coming home for Christmas if the weather is bad. Being stranded in extreme cold is not worth seeing family. Perhaps a zoom Christmas is in order!

If you absolutely have to drive somewhere, remember several driving safety tips. Always assume there is ice under the snow. I can remember making this mistake once after a snowstorm. The snow was melting and the streets were only partially covered and I was on a straight away and as I went into a slight bend in the roadway, my SUV completely turned around and threw me off the roadway through a farm fence and down an embankment. I had an all-wheel drive vehicle and I thought I was driving through melting snow, but there was ice underneath.

Other obvious considerations are to drive slow, almost come to a stop when making turns, give yourself 10 -20 car lengths of following distance in case you have to come to a quick stop. Remove the snow from your hood and all areas of your vehicle before driving so that the snow is not blown on to your windshield to obscure your view. Make sure all windows are clear before driving and that your windshield wipers are clear of ice and snow in case they need to be used. You will need to stop occasionally to remove snow near your tires. This snow can freeze and interfere with the tire rotation and safety.

How to Determine Who Is at Fault in A Snow/ice-Related Motor Vehicle Accident in Kentucky?

Can you blame the weather for causing the accident? Generally, the answer is no. You have a duty to drive your car in a safe manner so that you do not cause accidents with other people and vehicles. When the weather conditions produce ice on the roadways, you should be aware of this condition and you have a duty to control your vehicle regardless of the conditions. Therefore, if you slid through a stop sign and hit someone that has the right of way, you will be held responsible just like if there was no ice and snow.

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