The Truth About Chiropractic Treatment and Auto Accident Injury Claims

After an auto accident, when a victim goes to the hospital and needs follow-up medical treatment, many seek this treatment from chiropractors; in fact, many lawyers refer their clients to chiropractors. The issue I am addressing in this article is the truth about chiropractic treatment as it relates to car accident victims. I have been a car wreck attorney for over 35 years and I hope my experience will help you understand the truth about chiropractors. Here are the truths you need to understand before seeking treatment from a chiropractor after an auto accident:

  • Chiropractors can provide legitimate medical treatment to an auto accident victim.
  • A chiropractor is not a medical doctor and the educational requirements and training are significantly less than a medical doctor.
  • Many chiropractors have referral arrangements with attorneys, which means if the attorney is referring you to the chiropractor, he or she is doing this in hopes of having clients referred to him or her by the chiropractor.
  • Medical treatment from a chiropractor is discounted by most insurance companies when evaluating your auto accident claim. There are many reasons for this bias and they include the general reputation of chiropractors of providing unnecessary medical treatment, chiropractors cutting off their treatment when the auto PIP insurance runs out and chiropractors treating conditions for which they have no training.
  • Chiropractic treatment should be limited to the spine. I have seen chiropractors who think they can treat allergies, broken bones and interpret x-rays better than a radiologist.
  • Most chiropractors will not accept health insurance and, instead, want to be paid out of your settlement recovery, which means less money for you out of your settlement.

I have had clients who went to medical doctors for treatment of a back problem and found no relief, but they were able to find relief from chiropractic treatment. My experience tells me for spinal injuries, most auto accident victims would be better served by starting with a medical doctor and physical therapy and then considering chiropractic treatment if the other treatment fails to provide relief. Also, if your injury does not involve the spine, then you should not seek treatment from a chiropractor.

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