What Are the 4 Most Common Car Accident Injuries?


Auto manufacturers invest billions of dollars into developing new, more effective safety technologies. Lane departure warnings, crash avoidance systems, backup cameras – these innovations are preventing accidents and saving lives. Unfortunately, the latest safety technologies cannot protect you from all injuries.

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What Areas of the Body Are Most Susceptible to Car Accident Injuries?

Avoiding distractions, driving at a safe speed, obeying traffic laws – these are all effective ways to reduce your risk of crashing. Unfortunately, you cannot control the actions of other drivers, and all it takes is one negligent motorist to cause a devastating crash.

A car accident can injure almost any part of your body. However, these four areas are particularly vulnerable:

  1. Neck Injuries
    • Many people assume that whiplash will heal without medical intervention. However, a sudden jerk of your neck can cause muscle tears, ligament damage and even a spinal cord injury. These can be exorbitantly expensive to treat and leave you sidelined from work for weeks or even months while you recover.
  2. Back Injuries
    • Back injuries are particularly common in side-impact accidents. They range from minor muscle strain to permanent paralysis.
    • According to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, a person who suffers tetraplegia after a car wreck can expect to pay at least $1 million during the first year of treatment. That does not include lost income. The average treatment cost for each subsequent year is $184,891.
    • Even if you suffer only a partial loss of motor function, the Foundation estimates that you could pay $347,484 during the first year of treatment and $42,206 for each subsequent year.
  3. Head Injuries
    • If your head impacts the steering wheel, dashboard or side window, it is likely that you will suffer a traumatic brain injury. These range from mild concussions to diffuse axonal and contusions. You should seek immediate medical care if you notice dizziness, disorientation or any sign of a head wound such as bruising or bleeding.
  4. Chest Injuries
    • Wearing a seat belt is the most effective way to prevent serious injuries and death in the event of an accident. However, in a high-speed collision, pressure from the seat belt can cause chest injuries such as broken ribs.

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