Who Are the Stingiest Insurance Companies when It Comes to Paying Auto Accident Claims?

After over 35 years being a personal injury lawyer in the states of Kentucky and Ohio, I have resolved thousands of auto accident claims with every insurance company you can think of and there are some insurance companies that stick out as the STINGIEST (I chose this word because it does not sound as negative as some other words). These are companies that would rather pay their own lawyers than they would pay a deserving Plaintiff. Allstate insurance Company is known to have “good hands” but my experience with them is more of a “closed fist” or perhaps “the finger.” The other stingy company is Liberty Mutual where they “customize your insurance.” In my opinion, that means we are going to suggest you not pay for some of the coverages available to you that are cheap and provide the most benefits so that when you are injured in a car accident you will be stuck. I once had a case against two Liberty Mutual Insurance Company insureds and I had to sue both of them because neither Liberty Mutual adjuster would accept liability and, instead, blamed each other. After the lawsuit was filed, they had to pay the claim like they should have before the lawsuit was filed. They wasted a lot of money and time by sticking their heads in the sand and saying the other insurance company was at fault even when the other insurance company was them.

There are a lot of reasonable insurance companies that are trying to resolve claims fairly and reasonably. Even these insurance companies take some stingy positions in isolated cases, but they are not characterized by being stingy. Others, like Liberty Mutual and Allstate, are characterized by being stingy and, in my opinion, should be avoided.

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