Will your vehicle insurance rates go up if you make an auto accident claim?

Many motor vehicle accident victims are concerned about their vehicle insurance rates being raised if they have a bodily injury claim even when they are not at fault. I have always told my clients that they do not need to worry about their rates being raised because there are lots of other insurance companies out there willing to take their business and will probably do it for less. Additionally, Kentucky has a law prohibiting auto insurance companies from raising their rates due to a claim when the person is not at fault. KRS 304.20-045. If the auto insurance company raises your rate, you can file a complaint with the insurance commissioner who may fine the company for their actions.

 As you can tell by the number of television advertisements for motor vehicle insurance companies, the vehicle insurance industry is very competitive, which is good news for the consumer. You do not need to be concerned about the raising of your rates because you have an injury claim related to a car, motorcycle or truck accident.

 If you need help with your case, please feel free to contact the Kentucky Auto Accident Attorney.

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