Wrongful Death of Minor-No Claim Allowed by Parent who Abandons Care of Child

In 2000, Kentucky adopted the Mandy Jo Law, which in its simplest form says that if a parent has abandoned the care or maintenance of a child, then they forfeit the right to make a wrongful death on behalf of the minor. See KRS 411.137. The statute uses the term “willfully abandoned the care and maintenance of his or her child.” It also provides 2 exceptions. The first is where the parent resumes care and maintenance within one year prior to the child’s death or parent had been deprived of custody by order of a court and parent had “substantially complied with all orders of the court requiring contribution to support of the child.”

A wrongful death claim in Kentucky has a one-year statute of limitations, which is shorter than the personal injury auto accident statute of limitations-2 years from the date of the last PIP payment.

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