Adult holding flowers and placing hand on child's casket

Wrongful Death of Minor- Extra Claim for Damages 

Matthew B. Troutman Sept. 13, 2022

In Kentucky, a wrongful death of a minor claim includes a claim for “loss of affection and companionship that would have been derived from the child during his or her minority.” Many people do not realize that in a wrongful death claim, there is no pain and suffering claim unless it is proven that the decedent survived for a period of time after their injury and this claim is a personal injury claim and not a wrongful death claim. In Kentucky, like most other states, the wrongful death claim is limited to lost income and medical expenses and punitive damages if there is gross negligence. A spouse can make a claim for loss of consortium, but this is a claim separate from the wrongful death claim.

A wrongful death claim in Kentucky has a one-year statute of limitations, which is shorter than the personal injury auto accident statute of limitations-2 years from the date of the last PIP payment. 

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