Why Matt Troutman?

Why Matt Troutman? An Accident Attorney serving Louisville, Lexington, and Covington, Kentucky

Firm Philosophy

Aggressive: The Troutman Law Office will pursue all benefits and recoveries available to you to obtain the largest possible recovery. This means the willingness to file lawsuits and use the litigation process to discover the proof available to present the most convincing case possible to a jury of your peers. Many lawyers like to avoid the courtroom and will settle your case for less than it is worth in order to avoid the stress of litigation and a trial. Ultimately, the personal injury lawyers who are confident and respected litigators are the ones obtaining the best results for their clients because the insurance companies know that they have no leverage against a confident litigator. Of course, most cases are settled, but the best settlements result from aggressive litigators who enjoy trying cases.

Integrity: Although the Troutman Law Office is aggressive, it is equally possessed by integrity. The Troutman Law Office will not lie, cheat or steal to advance your case. Instead, the Truth will be presented in the most persuasive manner possible. If you wish to fool an insurance company or obtain a recovery for an injury that is not related to your accident, the Troutman Law Office is not the auto accident lawyer, truck accident lawyer or motorcycle accident lawyer for you. The Truth is important to the Troutman Law Office.

Results: You may like the aggressive nature and integrity of the Troutman Law Office, but if the Troutman Law Office does not produce the results you expect, then you will be disappointed in my services. The Troutman Law Office believes that the best results come through aggressiveness with integrity. If you misrepresent your claim, the insurance company will discover your misrepresentation or the jury will sense your dishonesty and you will receive a conservative or bad verdict or settlement. The best results are achieved through aggressiveness with integrity.

Personal Service: Attorney Matthew Troutman will handle all aspects of your case and you will not be asked to communicate through paralegals, secretaries or others. You will have direct and confidential access to your accident attorney. Rarely and rarely will you feel the need to call me to find out the status of your case because you will know the status and what is expected in the future. I encourage my clients to call me and I am not difficult to contact. I will meet with you in your home or office or wherever is convenient for you.

Experience: Matt Troutman has been a practicing personal injury attorney since 1986 and you can count on that experience to maximize your recovery of damages due to your injuries suffered as a result of the negligence of another.

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"Matt is able to be more aggressive in his representation and he gets the best results possible.
I have a lot of trust because of the integrity that I know is there."

Germaine Bivin | Louisville, Kentucky

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