Two black sedans on road after car accident

Head-On Crash Kills 2 in Greenup County Kentucky: The Dos and Don'ts when Passing a Vehicle.

Matthew Troutman Jan. 6, 2023

On January 3, 2023, 2 people died in Greenup County, Kentucky when a vehicle attempted to pass a tractor-trailer and another vehicle at night. The location of the accident was Industrial Parkway near the intersection with Technology Drive In Greenup County and it occurred around 6:30 pm when an SUV attempted to pass two other vehicles and ran head-on into a full-size pick-up truck traveling in the opposite direction. The two occupants of the SUV died as a result of their injuries and the occupants of the pick-up were taken to the hospital with injuries.

How to Make the Best Decision Regarding when To Pass a Slower Moving Vehicle on A Two-Lane Roadway

The first decision to think about when considering the passing of another vehicle on a two-lane roadway is whether you are just being impatient. We all like to drive at a certain speed and when we encounter a vehicle in front of us, traveling at a slower speed, it annoys us. It is OK to be annoyed, but annoyance should not guide our decision-making. Realize that as soon as you enter the lane traveling in the opposite direction, almost any accident will be your fault because you do not have the right of way.

Do not attempt to pass vehicles at night. You simply cannot see well enough to do so safely. If you feel compelled to pass at night, make sure that as soon as you pass the vehicle that you turn on your bright lights to increase your ability to see hazards. Another bad decision is making a pass near an intersection where you cannot see the vehicles approaching the intersection.

Some obvious commonsense rules of guidance include only passing where the segmented line in the middle of the street allows for passing. Never pass another vehicle near a curve or bend in the roadway or before a hill or rise in the roadway. Only pass on a long straight-away where you can see for at least a quarter of a mile. Do not pass more than one vehicle and when you are making your pass make sure you get fairly close to the vehicle you are passing before making your move into the other lane. Do not pass vehicles where there is danger just off the roadway such as trees and water. Think about whether there will be an opportunity to get ahead of the vehicle at a later time without taking the risks involved with passing on a two-lane highway.

The investigating police officer in the Greenup County accident said that people should exercise caution when attempting to pass vehicles on a roadway with a 55 mph speed limit, because “other vehicles approaching them will be coming at them a lot faster that what they believe.” Two vehicles travelling 55 mph or more can cover a lot of ground quickly.

I wonder why the driver in the Greenup accident decided to make a risky pass at night around 2 vehicles. Was it just impatience? Was he or she just annoyed at not traveling the speed they wanted or, maybe, the driver thought it would be fun and exciting to make the pass. When I am stuck behind a vehicle traveling slower than I would prefer, I always tell myself that I can never get a speeding ticket in that situation and that is a good thing. Being late and alive is always a good thing too.

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