Car accident in the street

One Dead and Two Injured in Fayette County Accident

Matthew Troutman Nov. 14, 2022

At about 4:25 pm on November 11, 2022, there was a multi-car accident on Newtown Pike in Fayette County near the Scott County line resulting in the death of one person and non-life-threatening injuries to two others. There were no details on how the accident took place and it is under investigation by the Lexington Police Department. Currently, over 600 people have died as a result of motor vehicle accidents in Kentucky in 2022. A grim reminder that we should never take for granted the use of an automobile and give our complete attention to operating the vehicle in a safe manner.

Will your auto accident claim require litigation?

If you are injured in an auto accident and make a claim for compensation against someone else, will your claim require litigation? Litigation is the filing of a lawsuit in a court of law where there is a judge, an opposing attorney and potentially a jury if your claim requires a trial. Most claims are settled with out the necessity of litigation. Claims require litigation when there is a disagreement between the parties on the liability issue or on the value of the Plaintiff's claim.

What will you have to do if you file a lawsuit to resolve your claim?

If you are not able to settle your claim and a lawsuit is necessary, your Lexington auto accident attorney should prepare you for what is ahead when your lawsuit is filed. If a lawsuit is filed, there are different stages of the lawsuit and the entire process is slow and requires patience. The first phase is the filing of the litigation papers called the complaint and answer. Then the next stage is the exchange of discovery requests where the parties ask each other questions and request documents to better understand the position taken by the adverse party. You will have to assist your attorney in preparing the answers to the discovery requests and sign for them.

The third phase is the deposition phase where the parties depositions (statements in front of a court reporter) are taken and the witness depositions are taken. Your attorney will prepare you for the deposition and attend the deposition. The two most important objectives in the deposition will be giving accurate testimony and to present your self in the most likable form possible. The reason that accuracy is important is to maintain your credibility in front of a jury. If you are inaccurate in your testimony, then the opposing attorney can show that your claim has little credibility which will lead to a bad verdict. It is important to be likable in the deposition so that the opposing attorney knows that the jury will like you. The fourth stage is the mediation stage where a mediator (usually a former judge) leads the parties through settlement discussions. If the case is not settled at that point, the parties take medical depositions and prepare for trial. Some cases can settle near trial as parties start to come to grips with what a jury could do with the claim, but most will go to trial at that point where 12 people will decide the case.

Contact Lexington Auto Accident Attorney

The circumstances of the above accident will require the services of an experienced Lexington auto accident attorney to investigate and locate all available evidence to determine liability and to maximize all benefits available to the victims’ in this auto accident. Matthew Troutman, Lexington auto accident lawyer, of the Troutman Law Office has been handling auto accident claims since 1986 and has the experience and talent to obtain the best result for the victims in the above car accident. It is very likely that the at fault driver will not have enough insurance to fully compensate the victims in this car accident, and, therefore, it will be important for there to be underinsured motorist benefits available.

If you need legal assistance due to a motor vehicle accident, contact Lexington auto accident attorney Matthew Troutman directly at 859-696-0001 or 502-648-9507 and he will meet with you in the hospital, your home or wherever is convenient for you. He will give you direct access through his cell phone and guide you through the difficult process necessary to obtain the best result possible for you in your car accident claim. To learn more about the Troutman Law Office, click here.