Ambulance that is badly damaged after a wreck

Semi and Ambulance Crash in Lexington, Kentucky

In the morning on February 20, 2023, there was a crash involving a Prime tractor-trailer and an ambulance transporting a patient to the hospital. The accident occurred at 10 am at the intersection of Georgetown Road and Citation Blvd in Lexington, Kentucky. No serious injuries were reported and the patient on the ambulance was loaded onto a different ambulance and transported to the hospital. There is no indication at this time about how the accident happened.

Can I still make a claim for injuries if I did not report any injuries at the scene of the accident?

In the above accident, the victims in this accident may have not reported any injuries to the investigating police officer and, if so, they may be wondering if they can still make a claim for personal injury. You are not precluded from making a personal injury claim in a motor vehicle accident if you failed to report injuries to the investigating officer. It is not unusual for accident victims not to feel pain immediately after the accident, but to begin feeling them a day or two after the auto accident. Adrenalin kicks in after you have been in an accident and you want to think you have not been injured and these factors can lead to victims not reporting any symptoms at the time of the accident.

Even though you can make a claim for personal injuries sustained in a car, truck or motorcycle accident after not reporting any symptoms on the day of the accident, you may not be able to make a successful claim if you wait too long after the accident to obtain medical treatment. At some point, the time interval will make it difficult to prove the injuries are related to the accident. I have had potential clients call me and say that they have been experiencing symptoms for months, but they have not received any medical treatment. Although, technically, they still have a claim, it is a weak one and not worth pursuing.

Some people have called me and said I did not obtain medical treatment because I do not have health insurance. They failed to realize that the vehicle they were traveling in had Kentucky no-fault benefits (also called PIP) that provides $10,000.00 of insurance for medical bills and other damages.

If I am riding as a passenger in a vehicle, do I have access to the insurance from my vehicle?

Some of the coverages on your vehicle travel with you even when you are riding as a passenger in someone else’s vehicle. In the accident described above, the patient being transported to the hospital may be able to use certain coverages from his or her own automobile if they were injured in this accident. There are certain coverages on your auto policy that will go with you no matter where you go. The most often used coverages like this are the uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist coverages. The uninsured motorist coverage provides coverage for pain and suffering and lost wages when the driver of an uninsured vehicle causes an accident and injuries result. Underinsured motorist coverage provides coverage for pain and suffering and lost wages when the person causing an auto accident has liability insurance but not enough to pay your full damages. They are “underinsured” for your claim and, if you have purchased this coverage, you can make a second claim to recover more of your damages.

Contact Lexington Auto Accident Attorney!

The circumstances involved in the accident described above will require the services of an experienced Lexington auto accident attorney to investigate and locate all available evidence to determine liability and to maximize all insurance benefits available to the victims in this auto accident. Matthew Troutman, Lexington auto accident lawyer, of the Troutman Law Office has been handling auto accident claims, almost exclusively, since 1986 and has the experience and talent to obtain the best result for the victims in the above car accident. It is very likely that the at fault driver will not have enough insurance to fully compensate the victim’s estate, and, therefore, it will be important for there to be underinsured motorist benefits available to the victims.

If you need legal assistance due to a motor vehicle accident, contact Lexington auto accident attorney Matthew Troutman directly at 859-696-0001 or 502-648-9507 and he will meet with you in the hospital, your home or wherever is convenient for you. He will give you direct access through his cell phone and guide you through the difficult process necessary to obtain the best result possible for you in your car accident claim. To learn more about Kentucky car accident attorney Matthew Troutman and the Troutman Law Office, click here.